Precise Insights: Corefit Orthotics®

Question: How should Corefit Orthotics® outfit their empty piece of prime real estate by a Santa Monica beach?

Answer: Fill it with sleek and engaging Precise Design Group’s design elements that entice foot traffic and boost sales.

Read on to learn more about our work for the first retail location for a top provider of custom shoe inserts and meet Senior Designer Stephanie Spina to better understand what we do.

Transforming Your Life Through Your Feet

When the President of California Leather Jobbing approached Precise, he had a clear vision in mind. In order to bring that vision to life, Precise Design Group got to know the Corefit brand. And that’s exactly where we’re going to start – by diving into what makes Corefit tick.

Corefit Orthotics® has been doing its handcrafted thing since 1932. Their orthotics relieve lower back, knee, and foot pain to improve overall quality of life. Flat feet, too-high arches, and just plain old lack of proper support causes tendons and ligaments in the foot to fatigue over time. This in turn begins the “domino-effect of pain,” as Corefit describes it, wherein the body overcompensates for failing feet by overtaxing other limbs and muscles. This ultimately leads to prolonged aches that drain the body’s energy as a whole. Corefit® Self Moldable Shoe Inserts combat these symptoms at the source. Their website even aims for product transparency right off the bat by revealing their trade “secret”: “Orthotics and Arch Supports should be FIRM. If they’re jelly-like or soft, then that’s not SUPPORT. That’s cushioning [. . .].”

This approach holds the key to understanding Corefit Orthotics®, beyond color schemes and history lessons. Whatever Precise crafted needed to translate convenience and trust-worthy quality into a modern and inviting retail environment.

Precise Goes to the Beach

That’s where Precise Design Group stepped in (pun intended). Stephanie Spina, a talented Senior Designer, spearheaded the project in three stages: a window perf full of promise (i.e. “Coming Soon”), laying out and designing the space in its entirety, and providing signage for an outdoor show booth. Each stage involved a heavy stack of sign pages, which detailed everything from colors and materials to fabrication and installation instructions. Junior Designer Rob Sandoval provided assistance. Rob reports that Stephanie’s goal was to produce a smoothly transitioning project and – at the very end – an ecstatic client.

This required direct collaboration with the CLJ President, who Stephanie found open and decisive. The President was no hands-off leader; He was eager to see if we could turn his vision into a reality. Spoiler Alert: We can and we did.

Maria Pinho, our Lead Account Coordinator, revealed some of the President’s vision. He desired the Tesla showroom effect, i.e. a modern, museum-like space. The product needed to be showcased – even going so far as to be flashy – and Corefit’s work comprehensible. After all, this isn’t your standard “try-on” retailer.

By the end, our team had laid out the store with fresh décor and millwork including: wallpaper, shelves, cabinets, desks, banners, decorative pieces, lighting fixtures, display podiums, and various prints.

Fairytale Endings, Meet Interior Design

Stephanie and Rob were attentive to all facets of the CLJ President’s vision, so not only was the Corefit brand fully developed in the space, but Precise was proudly represented in our work.